Marcello Palmitessa

Passionate Developer, Curious Designer, Tech Geek

A little bit about me

I am a senior software developer specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies & NodeJs, and also a front-end designer with a strong focus on usability and clean design.


I was born and currently live in Milan (Italy). I started working in 1999 with Microsoft technologies, from VB to .NET, C#, SQL Server, starting soon to learn coding in HTML, CSS and javascript.

In the 2007, I started learning about Usability and User Experience, spending months studying books and articles of Jakob Nielsen, Alan Cooper, Steve Krug, Luke Wroblewski, and others usability guru. In the meantime my development and user interface design skills evolved towards a more clean approach, with always the end user in mind.

In the 2012 I discovered NodeJs and I started studying and experimenting with it, and recently I am creating a little CMS as my lab project; this site itself is running with NodeJs & ExpressJs. This web site is my attempt to express my self, to state my presence on the web!

Hobbies and interests

I’m quite into japanese culture and language, I love fantasy & science-fictions books & movies, and my beautiful cat Star.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

- Charles Mingus -

My resumè

  1. Front-end Architect &
    Experience Technology Role in Experience Design Talent Community
    @ Avanade

    I develop enterprise applications from the year 1999; I'm passionate about web development, web design, JavaScript frameworks and usability.
    I'm working as Technical Architect leading teams in the development and of mission critical enterprise solutions; I have a deep knowledge of integration and web service patterns, as well as familiarity with both waterfall and agile delivery approaches, strong knowledge of JavaScript frameworks, modern front-end workflow, Responsive Web Design development.
    My tasks includes:

    • lead and mentor small to medium sized teams
    • develop technical specifications based on functional requirements
    • develop components of the technical sloution
    • identify and escalate problems
    • develop customer relationship
  2. Technical Architect &
    Web Development Advisor
    @ Avanade

    As Technical Architect my duties are to identify and share potential opportunities to provide more value to an existing or new client, works to estimate, shape and cost the deal, provides input on competitive messaging & supports selling, creates a mobilization plan & manage transition into delivery, define a training plan on consolidated technologies for the solution and for the brand new emerging technologies, and to build trust advisory & key contact for solution with the customer.

  3. Solution Architect
    @ Avanade

    I've worked as Solution Architect and Technical Leader for a customer projects regarding travels & booking; my duties was to organize team work, interfacing with the customer, writing technical documentation, doing code review, actively identifying bottlenecks, propose resolutions & guidelines, putting all my experience into the field.

  4. Senior Developer and Frontend Designer
    @ KpnQwest Italia

    As consultant I'm working in an italian internet company as .NET senior developer, and I'm also in charge of several frontend tasks to redesign their web application using Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and AngularJS.

  5. Frontend Web Developer
    @ Monitae

    Refactored the frontend of web application, introducing a clean design inspired by my project BootMetro giving the app a Windows 8 look & feel, and dynamic data bind using AngularJS; the server-side backend has been rebuilt with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4.

  6. Developer Analyst
    @ AGS Group

    As main job I was tasked to architect the new web framework based on newest client & server technologies to build several web products for this company. I was both .NET developer, database developer, HTML, CSS and Javascript developer.

  7. Senior Developer

    Consultant as Senior Developer in Pirelli Sistemi Informativi, on the Pirelli Tyre B2B platform. Was tasked to assist the existing Tyres B2B team to improve the performance of several mission critical applications, optimizing tons of code, implementing a modern architectures and patterns. Realized WCF Services, reviewed the SAP Integration introducing an advanced tracing system; joined a team for the migration of old 32-bit Windows server apps to 64-bit.

  8. Software architect & technical leader
    @ ObjectWeb Srl

    As co-founder I actively participated in the development of the company software framework, built on several reusable components to allow the company to approach various markets. The company base framework was built using Microsoft C# with ASP.NET, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, NHibernate, jQuery; the main product was a modular CMS.

  9. Senior Developer Consultant
    @ AIVE Spa

    As consultant I worked at a customer, an important insurance italian company, where I was part of a team in order to adapt an existing web application to the new insurance regulations

  10. Developer Analyst
    @ Filo diretto Assicurazioni Spa

    I was part of the internal development team with the tasks to build applications for the Finance division in order to simplify internal procedures, reduce papers, & increase productivity, integrating the accounting and reporting systems with data from other core services. I was both the application architect, .NET developer, database developer, HTML, CSS and Javascript developer, a complete end-to end development cycle for different web & windows applications.

  11. Developer Analyst
    @ CSP Spa

    As consultant, I worked 2 years at Vittoria Assicurazioni Spa in different teams in charge first of the data migration from Mainframe/DB2 to SQL Server, than the creation of a new extranet. I was tasked also to assist a senior consultant for the analysis for the new company data warehouse. In 2002, at CSP spa HQ in Milan, for 6 months I teached two classes about Windows 2000, VB6, SQLServer, HTML.

My technical skills

Web Design

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My Portfolio

Take a look at my projects

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful Google styled front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Bootplus provides the same basic templates from Twitter Bootstrap, adapted with the new "plus" style.

See the project web site


BootMetro is a web framework with simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web apps that wants to use the Windows 8 Store Style (ex Metro style) style, without the need to run on Windows 8.

BootMetro is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap and provide the same UI elements of an original Windows 8 Store app, such Tiles, Charms Bar, Application Bar, and the same Navigation pattern.

This project has been reviewed by Softpedia (link ) and the project site has now an average of 2/3000 visits each day.

See the project web site


Tripandia is a new travel social network that let you share your travels and find usefull tips from others travellers.

Recreating the travel experience is easy and funny, enriching with photos and maps all the visited places, sharing with friends to let them add theirs photos and stories.

In 2012 I collaborated with the Tripandia team to realize the front-end, first my sahring various mockups, then implementing part of the web design of the project.

See the project web site

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