The birth of an idea

Early in 2012, when Microsoft released the first beta of Windows 8 I finally had the opportunity to try the "Metro UI" (now renamed to... Windows 8 App Store style). At that time the UI guidelines was almost done, and also the "direction" set by microsoft was clear. I looked for other references of Metro style around the web, and there was nothing or little info apart the official one.
So I had the idea "why not recreate in pure HTML5/CSS3 the win 8 style ?". I was already working with the beautiful Twitter Bootstrap framework and I thought that it was relatively simple to customize it to recreate a metro style. So... I started it.
At the same time I found the project MetroUI-CSS, by Sergey Pimenov, that evidently have had the same idea, but with some missing things from the original Metro guidelines, but his development was already ahead of mine; but I did not care, I wanted to build my own Metro framework.
So, that's the story that started all about BootMetro!

The road to ninja

BootMetro will continue to evolve with the intent to provide a great user experience where is better focus on the content of applications, relying more on typography and less on graphics ("content before chrome").


I'm Marcello Palmitessa, an italian developer, curious designer, and tech geek.


I wish to thank Alexander Finger & David Smith for their support and all the githubbers who keep me on the road to improve the project.